Registration of a legal entity. Step 1

We believe in and seek an effective cooperation. We believe the following terms and conditions will be beneficial for both us and you:

1. Subject of the Agreement

This agreement provides the terms and conditions of collaboration between employees of the legal entity as prospective volunteers (hereinafter the Organization) submitting application using an online search system for volunteers, and the “Komanda SOS” Volunteers Coordination Center (hereinafter the Center), that provides the online search system for volunteers.

2. Organization’s rights

2.1. The Organization has the right not to provide private or confidential information on its activities with reference to relevant documents;

2.2. The Organization has the right to terminate its activity on this website by emailing a notification using own words with a request to remove the organization from the Center’s electronic database to

2.3. The Organization has the right to use all of the resources including to place additional requests on other volunteer positions, use the website’s forum, receive newsletters and participate in Center’s public events;

2.4. The Organization has the right to make independent decisions to accept or decline any of the positions suggested by the electronic system of the “Komanda SOS” Volunteer Coordination Center.

3. Organization’s obligations

3.1. The Organization is obliged to inform the website administrators in timely fashion about filling in vacancies by emailing to Otherwise, the administrators of the website will continue searching for volunteers to fill the vacancies;

3.2. The Organization is obliged to provide the checked, reliable, objective and untrue information;

3.3. The Organization is obliged to provide verified, credible, objective and true information;

3.4. The Organization is obliged to provide a credible contact information for effective communication;

3.5. The Organization is obliged to provide detailed, capacious and complete information on its activities and sought-after volunteer positions;

3.6. When using information from this website, reference to the information source is obligatory.

4. Consent to use of images

The Organization hereby consents and guarantees to the Center that the Organization has received its employees’ consent for the use of their images taken during photo and video shoots organized by the Center and any reproduction of them through all legitimate means including without limitation publication, reproduction, distribution, replication, import and export of the graphic work (image, photo, movie, ect.) beyond the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other means permitted by the legislation of the RoK. The Organization hereby undertakes the obligation to address all and any claims from its employees on the subject of the aforementioned use of images by the Center.