About us

The Komanda SOS Volunteer Coordination Center carries out its activities under the private initiative of Grigory Li and is aimed at implementing socially significant initiatives through the efforts of volunteers The “Komandа SOS” Volunteer Coordination Center:
  • provides the opportunity for every individual to freely devote their time, talent and energy to others through individual and collective actions without any expectation of rewards;
  • gives the chance to people to learn something new honing their skills and self-control and expressing creativity along the way;
  • is a chance for anyone to find their best skills and qualities;
  • imparts its core values of family, community, and national and global solidarity;
  • involves the society in to the process of defining and addressing problems.
Main objectives:
  • To create a single center and be there to coordinate volunteers – those who wish to apply their knowledge for the good and benefit of society, and NGOs - organizations that wish to work with volunteers;
  • To encourage and involve volunteers to help with charity events and create and support an effective group of “Komanda SOS” volunteers;
  • To enhance volunteering as an institution in Kazakhstan.
  • to implement socially important projects with the help of and by volunteers;
  • to educate and train;
  • analytical, sociological, practical and creative work;
  • projects in culture and art;
  • consultations, lectures, exhibitions, forums and other events;
  • participation in city, national and international programs and conferences;
  • implementing other types of non-commercial activities that share our objectives;
  • working with state bodies, business sector and international organizations;
  • working with media;
  • volunteer work in different fields.

Voluntary projects of the Center:

The program of training of teachers of foreign languages is implemented within the “World Languages to Children” project and is directed to professional pedagogical training of the volunteers teaching foreign languages at orphanages. The School of Volunteers program is directed to general training of volunteers in such directions as leadership skills, planning, time-management, fundraising principals, etc. The Almaty Marathon is an annual international running competition and Central Asia’s biggest sporting event. UEFA Cup Championship. The Center became the partner organization of the UEFA Cup matches of an elite round. The Center’s responsibilities included selection and coordination of volunteers and coordination of food courts. SOS saiga. The project pursues an aim to form and enhance ecological consciousness and responsibility among the 2nd graders of Kazakh-speaking elementary schools in Almaty.  The project envisions this young generation to take the action in the future. The "XXI Century Leader" volunteer program searches for exceptional, erudite and capable children living in orphanages and provides an opportunity for them to prepare and to enroll to universities and colleges by means of material awards. The “KOMANDA SOS" charity auction is a joint project of the Center and the Meloman Network. Autographs of the England National Football Team in support of children with a cerebral palsy are directed to attract financial resources for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. An educational “Computer literacy" program focuses on people of a retirement age and low-income youth. Charity beyond time, style and competition. The program produces a limited edition of creative t-shirts with custom design. All the proceeds from sales go to support children in urgent need of surgeries. According to the National Volunteer Network’s data, every third Kazakhstani had volunteered at least once, one way or another. The purpose of the program is to promote volunteering in Kazakhstan as a means of developing civil society.

If you always had the desire to try yourself as a volunteer but did not know how, this is your chance to do it and we are here to help you!