Special Olympics


Volunteers needed for 2 projects!

1) September 11-12, the SENI Cup Championship. A five-a-side football league for the disabled.

A total of 12 teams made up of children from special boarding schools and living in families in Talgar and Issyk will compete in the Championship. The best team will represent Kazakhstan the next year in Poland, on the International SENI CUP Football League 2019.

Venue: The Central Stadium (reserve fields)
Time: from 09:00 till 15:00
Number of volunteers: 10-15 people

2) The Special Olympics summer sports camp for children with limited intellectual opportunities, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism.

The summer sports Camp Shriver for children with limited intellectual opportunities will take place in Almaty traditionally.

The Camp’s aims are to:

  1. Engage and include new families and disabled children to do sports and build on the existing experience of carrying out Camps;
  2. Create an atmosphere of understanding and friendship between athletes and volunteers which carries on after the Camp closes for the year;
  3. Introducing new sports as well as engaging new athletes and family members.

Venue: Palace of School Students (Dvorets Shkolnikov)
Date and time: September 10-20, 2018
Number of volunteers: 20-25 people
Volunteering hours: from 09:45 till 12:30
Each volunteer will receive a letter of acknowledgement for rendering the volunteer help.
On any questions:

8 701 372 54 97
8 705 161 83 35
8 701 739 60 02

To register, follow the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B0BSmEjjYwJ2CdjT-kf9Y4G00Vk5ptqE64BFQaoQFpQ/edit