The BOGUTY Marathon


The BOGUTY Marathon

September 1-3, a running marathon is taking place to support and draw attention to the BOGUTY ecological project.

Volunteers are needed for the event: 25 marshals and 4 marshal-leaders. Marshals will be expected to dedicate 3 days and the leaders – 7 days to gain a familiarity with the routes.

Place: Mount Boguty (beyond the Chilik village)
Date: September 1 – September 3.

Volunteering conditions:
All volunteers will receive a letter of acknowledgement + equipment + food
Marshals will receive $25 a day. Requirements: basic English, a tent, a sleeping bag, availability for 3 days continually.
Mashal-Leaders will receive $50 a day + accommodation. Requirements: basic English, availability for 7 days continually.

On any questions +7 707 733 1501 (Askar)