Volunteer support to the Autism project


October 22. Volunteers of the Komanda SOS centre came to their first introduction lecture. At the lecture, the project’s coordinators shared a lot of useful tips and information with the volunteers: fields of work, personal experience and practical life hacks of working with special children. Also, they took us on the orientation tour and kindly answered all the questions, and we even stopped by the theatre class to glimpse how children are engaged.

As of today, volunteers are already actively participating in the existing programs, and some even are setting up new activities (social clubs, language clubs, mathematics, culinary classes and many others).

The project is ongoing, so the help of volunteers is required on a continuous basis!



The “We Will Win Against Autism project approached the Komanda SOS to help with volunteers.

— The humanity hasn’t come up with a medicine to cure autism. Creating a special social environment for our children is something we can manage. For our children — the letter goes on — physical activities that require focus and coordination of actions is especially relevant. Sports activities is what is necessary. They perfectly help children to overcome their corporal and psychological restrictions and come out into the outside world, out of their inner worlds. In addition to sports, we also include the children into activities that develop theatrical skill, languages (English), etc. We sincerely hope that you will help us with spreading the word out and matching us to the right volunteers.

The foundation needs volunteers for carrying out sports and other activities. If you are already 18 and above, with free time on weekdays from 10:00 till 16:00, then please register to volunteer HERE.

Address: Novaya St. 10 (uphill from the Navoiy street)
On any further questions:
+7 701 739 60 02 (Sergey – Komanda SOS);
+7 701 555 26 32 (Aygerim – the We Will Win Against Autism project).