June 10. The YARKOcross Magic festival was hosted at the Almaty Arena multi-purpose indoor arena.
YARKOcross is a color run and the brightest event of year that embodies the love for sports, charity and joy of interaction.

The runners start off in white t-shirts and get showered in colour powder paint generously thrown by volunteers waiting at stations along the run. When they cross the finish line, participants are colourful, bright and vibrant.

With over 5000 people joining the colour run, children outnumbered adults. The most eye-catching start of the summer, the event put every single person at the Arena in an excellent mood and there’s no doubt it will long live in their hearts.

The Komanda SOS volunteers coordination center supported the YARKOcross by finding the volunteers and training and coordinating them.
The center prebriefed the volunteers as well as conducted coordination works throughout the event.

the paint stations, of course.
More than 115 volunteers made sure every participant had an unforgettable experience.
Photos from the event are available here.